Problem and Opportunity

Twitch Prime's current website has usability issues, such as gamers have difficulty finding relevant deals and don't fully understand it's value, which restrain it from attracting and retaining users.

Business Metrics

Quantitative: improve user acquisition and retention rate;
Qualitative:  make TP website more captivating, efficient, and relevant to gamers.

My role: Product Designer, contracted with Amazon Game Studio

Tool: Figma / Principle / / Adobe Suites

Time: 2 months


HIFI - Landing Page

HIFI - Home Page

HIFI - Loot Page

Understand Business

Twitch Prime is Amazon Prime’s acquisition tool,
targeted at gamers.

Twitch Prime is an extension of Amazon Prime’s subscription service that is targeted at current Twitch users and general gamers. It is created to be the best subscription program for gamers to grow Prime’s user base to this specific demographic and subculture.

Understand Users

Four frustrations restrain Twitch Prime from attracting and retaining users

For interview and usability testing we want to target both potential users and existing users to make sure we gather insights from TP users, twitch users and general gamers. We conducted both in-person interviews and online usability testing at

We grouped all the findings into 11 categories and mapped them into 2 x 2 diagram by easiness to implementation and impact to the both users and business. Here are the main findings:

Frustration 1

Gamers do not fully understand the value of Twitch Prime

Gamers do not understand the relationship between TP and AP, TP’s offering, and that what do the membership and pricing entail.

“I don't know, if I only have Twitch Prime, can I also get Amazon Prime for free?” - gamer

Frustration 2

Top use cases are hard to achieve.

Gamers can’t find relevant deals for the games they play. Current website does not have any search functionality and categorizations of games and loots. Users are forced to read every single card and manually looking for their favorite games and loots.

“All I want to do is find my favorite game." - gamer

Frustration 3

Gamers are confused about the loot redemption process.

There is no clarification of loot redemption process. After clicking the “claim” CTA, users are likely to drop off when going through this complicated process where they are redirected to the Amazon site to log in and then redirected to the game site for authentication.

“It’s not clear if signing up gets me the loot or do I need to do more?" - gamer

Frustration 4

Messaging is not compelling enough to take actions.

The headlines and copies through out the site are not compelling and do not evoke emotion. Good headlines for gamers should be more personable, conversational and emotional.

“You're not really, with the wording, getting someone to say… oh man, I gotta get this now!" - gamer


We believe that

Showcasing Twitch Prime benefits will attract & retain users.

To verify that

We will convey the breadth & depth of Twitch Prime offerings.

We are right if

We see an increase in current primary CTA click through rates.

Paper sketch

Iteratively brainstorm and compare ideas to solve frustrations

Design recs

Showing value, creating community and inducing action to attract and retain users


Finding and redeeming relevant deals can be easier

Retain and engage gamers by improving the experience of finding and redeeming relevant deals and fostering a sense of community.


Loot page review enables quick claiming

All available loot are revealed upon hovering; Aura around the cards indicates and emphasizes the exclusivity and rarity of the offer.


Personalized categorization for easy browsing

Engage gamers by providing customized and personalized offers within each category based on the data from Twitch and Amazon.


Enhancing and standardize the loot redemption process

We clarified the loot redemption process and standardized the in-game loot pages by creating a simple but effective template and making the loot page feel consistent through visual improvements and information prioritization


Twitch Prime is the best subcription program for gamers

Attract potential gamers by highlighting and clarifying Twitch Prime's benefits. Personalized content strategy to evoke emotion and induce action for gamers to sign up.

validation test

Gamers validated our design, yet wished reordering the categories and seeing more clear copy.

Our design was validated by 10 new users, all of whom understood clearly the benefits of Twitch Prime and thought it was very easy to find their favorite deals. At the same time, we improved the design again by reordering the categories and rephrasing copies base on the feedback from gamers.

"...Here it is much better because you can see exactly what you’re getting, which game you’re getting it for, and also, you can claim right away because the button is right in front of you." - gamer

Key Takeaways

Communicating the right value and understanding business constraints

Communicating the right value to the right users

Our client initially wanted to highlight all Amazon Prime's benefits to further attract potential users. However, the landing page has finite space, so we focused on showcasing benefits relevant to target users, who are primarily gamers and Twitch users. Our strategy was well received by the client.

Presentaion to Amazon with Patrick Buechner, head of marketing of Amazon Game Studio

Understanding business constraints is important

We intended to include dollar amount on each card, so the users can have a direct understanding of the inherent values. After presenting this idea to our clients, we learned there is difficulty setting monetary value on exclusive deals from game partners and discrepancy between street value and in-house value. We then proposed an alternative to the Amazon designers, pivoting our idea with tiers of rarity, which aligns with how gamers perceive values.