I am Hao Jiang.👋

A Product Designer and an Architechie.

Twitch Prime

Increase user acquisition and retension by clarifying TP’s benefits and improving deal redemption process.

  • Responsive Web
  • Gaming


Create a fun and efficient way of learning authentic common expression and vocabularies from your favorite English videos.

  • Mobile design
  • Education

Shell New Energy

Designed an MVP for project management and enablement tool to help Shell rapidly penetrate and occupy the distributed energy industry.

  • Enterprise
  • New Energy

IKEA Place

Make furniture discovery more accurate and flexible by optimizing its AR furnishing process.

  • Mobile design
  • AR


YouBulletube is a Chrome plugin for users to view and post real-time comments.

  • Chrome Plugin
  • Social

Stranger Valley

Stranger Valley is an artificial world where alien organisms emerge in response to a variety of environmental conditions.

  • 3D Modeling
  • Python

Urban Nodes

A bus station designed to restore the traditional relationships within different local communities and constitute a system to break the regional boundaries

  • Architecture
  • Physical Experience


By utilizing the convenience of robotic printing and innovative materials, I created space which could transform itself and interact the viewers

  • Python
  • Physical Experience

Pink Zone

Pink zone is a livable, sustainable urban community in Detroit that is aesthetically compelling and pleasing.

  • Architecture
  • Physical Experience

Solid to Void

The building translates the two opposite images of shanghai in the design and the transformation represents the diversification of city and China.

  • Architecture
  • Physical Experience